Shelves and Shelves of Atheist Cake!

Below is an ongoing list of tweetable freedoms and benefits, recognized easily by most atheists, while often overlooked and not attainable by believers.  Theists indeed give up mountains of freedom from just buying into magic and myth. In each listing the ‘Freedom’ is in bold print and the theist derivation, comparison, example or comment follows it.  These may also appear as Pics as we move forward.  Back to Atheist Cake

#AtheistCake 195.

#AtheistCake 194.

#AtheistCake 193.

#AtheistCake 192.

#AtheistCake 191.

#AtheistCake 190.

#AtheistCake 189.

#AtheistCake 188.

#AtheistCake 187.

#AtheistCake 186.

#AtheistCake 185.

#AtheistCake 184.

#AtheistCake 183.

#AtheistCake 182.

#AtheistCake 181.

#AtheistCake 180. We Dont Give Our Money to Myths: The church enjoys children, their future cash cows. Via~@tsetse97

#AtheistCake 179. I Dont Need to Dwell on a God: “& I don’t preach Atheism. I encourage freethinking & rational thinking and Atheism is the result!”

#AtheistCake 178. We Stand Up To Religion: We’re not compelled to give religion a pass for all its evils upon humanity.

#AtheistCake 177. Atheists Are Free To Be Beautiful: Endorsing harmful faith & immoral religious practices makes you unable to be beautiful like me!

#AtheistCake 176. Boundless Free Thinking: Free of mental slavery, Atheists can explore all possibilities!

#AtheistCake 175. We Actually Care Whats True: Unlike theists who blindly lie, manipulate & endlessly argue fallaceously.

#AtheistCake 174. We Dont Buy a “Loving Warden”: If anyone is tortured in prison forever…Why would ANYONE ever believe the warden loving?

#AtheistCake 173. Reality is Beautiful: When the distorting glare of faith dims, the eye of reason can get a fix on reality again.

#AtheistCake 172. We Run From Bigoted Dogma: Theists are conditioned to accept religious hate. We prefer morality.

#AtheistCake 171. We See Our Programming: Yes, I’m a “god damned atheist” Sorry that was my theist programming again.

#AtheistCake 170. Free From Sharia 20:

#AtheistCake 169. Free From Sharia 19:

#AtheistCake 168. Free From Sharia 18:

#AtheistCake 167. Free From Sharia 17:

#AtheistCake 166. Free From Sharia 16: Can I please ask some questions without getting killed? (Islam forbids questions about God in all their forms…punishment is severe if you do as you would be labeled an apostate)

#AtheistCake 165. Free From Sharia 15: How about I choose? (We are born into Islam, yet if we decide it is not for us…yup, you got it, our punishment is death)

#AtheistCake 164. Free From Sharia 14: So God made me gay, then told you to kill me for being so? (Punishment for being (gay) is death in Islam)

#AtheistCake 163. Free From Sharia 13: I’ll take some basic human rights please (Muslim countries continuously violate women, children, human and animal rights in every possible way, shape and form)

#AtheistCake 162. Free From Sharia 12:  Enough with the honor killings in the name of your God (Where is the honor in killing anyone??? and how exactly is it regained by their murder?)

#AtheistCake 161. Free From Sharia 11: I am my own boss thank you (women are not trusted in Sharia law to do much of anything without a male guardian’s presence/permission)

#AtheistCake 160. Free From Sharia 10: If your wife is not obeying you, that does not allow you to mentally, verbally and physically assault her (Quran encourages wife beating and punishment if she does not obey)…Last time I checked, women weren’t dogs who need to obey a command.

#AtheistCake 159. Free From Sharia 9: I have the right to MONOGAMY (Islamic Sharia law gives the man the right to marry 4 women, without asking the opinion/permission of the other wife/wives)

#AtheistCake 158. Free From Sharia 8: I am a woman that can work/study in any field I want (In many Muslim states women are banned from government jobs, I presume because we have less brains, from holding positions of power and from certain types of education)

#AtheistCake 157. Free From Sharia 7: I am innocent till proven guilty (not the other way around as in many Muslim countries)

#AtheistCake 156. Free From Sharia 6: I have the right to love, to date, to have sex, to get heartbroken all without being shamed & labeled a whore (Sharia law prohibits dating, sex out of marriage and LOVE)

#AtheistCake 155. Free From Sharia 5: I have freedom of movement YAY! (Sharia law prohibits women from travel without a male relative companion. Driving is a crime punishable by law for Saudi women)

#AtheistCake 154. Free From Sharia 4: My self worth, respect and my value to society does NOT depend on an intact hymen (Sharia law punishes women who lose their virginity outside of marriage…sometimes by death)

#AtheistCake 153. Free From Sharia 3: I am a woman with just as much brains as a man! (Sharia states women have less brain and foundation than men)

#AtheistCake 152. Free From Sharia 2: No More Female Genital mutilation for my female offspring please. (still ongoing in many Muslim states)

#AtheistCake 151. Free From Sharia 1: My male offspring will not be brutally circumscribed right after birth (studies have shown this to be a Mal-practice still ongoing in most Muslim states)

#AtheistCake 150. We See Hijackers: The bible is based on a true god, in the same way Christmas is based on Xtianity. Hijacked & renamed.

#AtheistCake 149. Atheists Don’t Need To Answer Mysteries: Theistic dogma and presuppositions compel believers to pretend that god did it.

#AtheistCake 148. We Dont Make Excuses For Excuses: You claim atheists simply dont “like” your evidence for god, while its 100% subjective.

#AtheistCake 147. We’re Honest: You dont “get” atheists, but incredibly you understand your infinite, unfalsifiable, mysterious god?

#AtheistCake 146. Threats Dont Convince Us: Promises of eternal torture & reward have always been human coersion, not divine justice.

#AtheistCake 145. We Freely Reject Scriptures As Nonsense: The scriptures are ridiculous, offensive & demonstrably false.

#AtheistCake 144. We Conclude Via the Scientific Method: Your personal experience does not prove god.

#AtheistCake 143. We Teach HOW To Think Critically: Theists often congregate just to convince each other that what they all think is true.

#AtheistCake 142. We Dont Need To Make Shit Up: Theists exagerate about atheism, lesbianism, abortion, marriage, morality, evolution,god,etc

#AtheistCake 141. We Need Not Rationalize Bullshit: All nonbelievers wrestle daily with dogmatic conflics & failed promises of missing gods.

#AtheistCake 140. We Prefer The Hard Way: Theists assume their reality for bad reasons, but actually seeking truth is damn worth the battle.

#AtheistCake 139. We Go All The Way: You dismiss all other unfalsifiable gods as nonsense, but wont apply that reason to yours.

#AtheistCake 138. We See the Failures: Jesus in John14:12 says “He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he also”-yet NOBODY can

#AtheistCake 137. Atheists Consider Everything: You treat your holy text like a menu, picking what you like & ignoring what is unpalatable.

#AtheistCake 136. We Do What Jesus Would Do: What would Jesus believe with seeing no evidence of Horus being real? He would be an Atheist.

#AtheistCake 135. We’re Not Addicted: Religion began in human ignorance, leaders developed it for control, now its just a habit & addiction.

#AtheistCake 134. We Are Freely Reasonable: Theists hate Atheists because of all the uncomfortable, rational thoughts we inspire!

#AtheistCake 133. We’re Not Told to Omit the Obvious: There are 100 reasons why a body wouldnt be in a tomb if the story were even true.

#AtheistCake 132. Reasonable People Take Us Seriously: Theists demand their beliefs be respected, yet have no justification for having them.

#AtheistCake 131. No Burden of Proof: If Atheists dont prove abiogenesis, evolution or “There’s no god” it still doesnt justify god beliefs.

#AtheistCake 130. We Avoid Ignorance: Ancient people didnt know any better, but modern humans attributing disasters to god, have no excuse.

#AtheistCake 129. We Love Fossils: These religious headaches are not “tests of faith”, but rather, tests of creative theist excuse making.

#AtheistCake 128. We Arent Hypocrites: Christians are supposed to give up all wealth, leave their family for god, only pray alone & much more

#AtheistCake 127. Our Honest Self Reliance: Theists trust god with their lives, yet have insurance, seatbelts & cross roads with caution.

#AtheistCake 126. Immunity To Religious Persuasion: We easily sidestep dogmatic manipulation, while theists succumb to the raging torrent.

#AtheistCake 125. We Dont Justify Rape: Your god not only allows and justifies it, but condones benefiting from rape victims!

#AtheistCake 124. We Dont Worship A Murder: Apparently your god likes a good genocide or infanticide & appreciates your support!

#AtheistCake 123. We Are Biased Toward Truth: Theists are biased toward ‘It must be god’ and ‘you cant prove NO god’ despite the evidence.

#AtheistCake 122. We Champion Reason & Logic: You champion your parents’ interpretation of human feelings, as ‘god being with us’ proof.

#AtheistCake 121. Our Books Are of Science and Reason: Your holy book is constructed using conjectural, human ideals, not godly facts.

#AtheistCake 120. Universally Skeptical: Instead of fearing none or all unproven gods, you fear one for irrational, irresponsible reasons.

#AtheistCake 119. We Remain Credible: Literally you have credited god for EVERYTHING, thousands of times, but have never shown 1 link to god

#AtheistCake 118. We Lack Absurd Logic: You say you dont have to prove god assertions, because non-believers are deluded & cant see truth.

#AtheistCake 117. We Are Fine With Gaps: You fill scientific gaps in knowledge with miracles, only answerable by god… a blatant Fallacy!

#AtheistCake 116. We Can Misbehave: Your sin & its consequences are imagined, but you are conditioned to act better for magic reward.

#AtheistCake 115. We Doubt as Needed: If 500 witnesses saw a resurrected Jesus in the same fictional book that claimed it, it proves nothing

#AtheistCake 114. We Dont Need Perfection: Your Quran is perfect & unflawed, but DEATH is a grossly immoral punishment for losing faith!

#AtheistCake 113. Divinity Is Clearly Nonsense: The evidence for the divinity of Jesus >”the bible“< All evidence the bible is valid >”…..”<

#AtheistCake 112. We Freely Call Gods Absurd: Theists are conditioned to be terrified of upsetting ONLY their conditioned god myth. Idiotic.

#AtheistCake 111. We Live On an Atheistic Earth: Every single human doesnt believe in thousands of gods & your god is demonstrably the same.

#AtheistCake 110. The Information Age Brings Facts & Atheism: Many believers fear the internet and the truths their children will learn.

#AtheistCake 109.We Arent Compelled to Dismiss Evidence: Some theists are so blinded by faith that no amount of evidence will ever be enough

#AtheistCake 108. We’ve ZERO Desire To Talk to Your God: Just think how much you’re compelled to talk to Odin. Your god is equally proven.

#AtheistCake 107. We Can Admit God Causes Nothing: Not only does science show natural causes for all things, a god is responsible for none.

#AtheistCake 106. We Enjoy A Cohesive Pattern of Disbelief: Theists must believe absurdities until society has outlawed such atrocities.

#AtheistCake 105.  We Don’t Need Excuses: For lack of evidence Christians invent absurd reasoning. “god magic lets people be 900 years old”

#AtheistCake 104.  We Don’t Presuppose:  You wrongly conclude god as the designer of all things only because you already believe in him.

#AtheistCake 103.  Christmas Doesn’t Mean Christ: Its Pagan celebrations of family, presents, feasts, lights, trees, stockings & gifts!

#AtheistCake 102. Atheism is Liberating: My life is my own, not cluttered up with a scripted ”purpose” imposed by some supernatural tyrant.

#AtheistCake 101. We’ve No Desire To Go To Heaven: Believers better their behavior for a reward that is nonsensical & Selfish.

#AtheistCake 100. We Can Accept Not Knowing: The wrong, bullshit, made up, delusional answer is WORSE than no answer at all!

#AtheistCake 99. Secular Saves: Pray all you want, but your ugly life situation will ultimately be solved by people, not magic.

#AtheistCake 98. We Search: If you reject evolution for lack of evidence, take 10 seconds to google it, before opening your mouth.

#AtheistCake 97. We’re Not Confused: At least theists NEVER rape, kill, cheat & lie as representatives of gods morality. #sarcasm

#AtheistCake 96. No Myth Burdens: “Atheism, just as you are free from disease, free from pain or free from delusion”~Lance Buckley

#AtheistCake 95. We Have No Master: You follow the commands of your master for fear of ultimate punishment. You are a slave.

#AtheistCake 94. We Love Better: Loving your children is NOT imposing your own beliefs & irrational fears upon them. That’s abuse!

#AtheistCake 93. We Are Rational: How does Jesus appreciate humanity? Does he thank us for our irrationality & brainwashing successes?

#AtheistCake 92. More Common Sense: Against Dogma, common sense like our super power. The only sense coming from theists is ‘nonsense’!

#AtheistCake 91. We’re More Moral: We demonstrably hold the moral high ground, since its not from magic or a book!

#AtheistCake 90. We Test & Retest: “God if you are there, please confirm your worthlessness by continuing to give all humans no reply……”

#AtheistCake 89. Godless Thinking Advances Humanity: Theists only make excuses for holding back science and rejecting equality.

#AtheistCake 88. We Are Enlightened: Through accepting demonstrable truths of the universe & our part in it, we are better off.

#AtheistCake 87. We Live For and Love Real Things: You love & endorse a monster who tortures 2/3 of humanity. Well done!

#AtheistCake 86. No Delusions: The Bibles god is demonstrably NOT ‘all loving’ per the book, but you still believe that he is. Delusion.

#AtheistCake 85. The Hitchslap: We atheists& freethinkers embody the intent & fervor of #Hitchens. We are his legacy & afterlife. #Remember

#AtheistCake 84. We Are Hidden: You cant find us to chastise, hurt, torture or murder us, but we are already everywhere & spreading. #Reason

#AtheistCake 83. Recognizing Accountability: If you promote faith as a valid reason to act, then you validate & allow faith based atrocities

#AtheistCake 82. A Relationship With Reality: You need to be comfortable with self deceit to keep faith in face of reality.

#AtheistCake 81. Faithless: Faith fabricates a truth, it doesnt verify one. Selfish acceptance of such fabrications harms & kills constantly

#AtheistCake 80. We Can Admit When We Are Wrong: How many theists are finally admitting their god belief isnt justified? Not even one!

#AtheistCake 79. The Truth Is On Our Side: Theists lie desperately “The authors of the Gospels all knew Christ personally”

#AtheistCake 78. Science Is Our Freind: My claim is backed with many sources & the theist CANT ADMIT IT. They cower, dodge & make excuses.

#AtheistCake 77. We Correct Ourselves: If science contradicts, it corrects itself. If religion contradicts itself, its called a parable.

#AtheistCake 76. Atheists See Godly Confusion: Christianity is a joke when three Christians can’t agree on what the Bible means.

#AtheistCake 75. Atheist Clarity: Atheism is justified, gay isnt wrong, evolution is right, women are amazing & theists are damn liars.

#AtheistCake 74. No Blinders: Christians dont actually believe in the bible’s god. Truly grasping the monster depicted, would horrify them!

#AtheistCake 73. Seeking Truth: Theists seek subjective confirmation & magic answers. If you seek actual #truth, you’re an Atheist.

#AtheistCake 72. No Worshiping: Any person who WORSHIPS a killer of millions of people, should be ridiculed endlessly for their idiocy!

#AtheistCake 71. We Are Joyful: The more absurd, deceptive, contradictory, unsupported & obviously false religion is, the happier we are.

#AtheistCake 70. Being Honest = Atheism: Do your prayers let you down? Does god seem morally unworthy? Is science now where god was?

#AtheistCake 69. We Love Cosmology: “We are all stardust!” That’s all I need to feel like I’m a part of something bigger.

#AtheistCake 68. We Can Accept Facts: Its brainwashing when you accept an unproven magic god as truth & fact based evolution as fiction.

#AtheistCake 67. Winning Arguments: We common Atheist folk can refute even the best theistic arguments. They use fallacies & zero evidence.

#AtheistCake 66. Atheism Fosters Peace: If we destroy ourselves, it will have started with religion. Atheism is far better for humanity!

#AtheistCake 65. We Know When To Stop: If you one day realized your lifelong beliefs of god are FULLY unjustified, STOP BELIEVING IT!

#AtheistCake 64. We’re Free From Mental Slavery: Believers are twisted to experience what they are conditioned to experience.

#AtheistCake 63. We Verify: When is the last time believers verified that their lord isn’t fully evil and deceiving them? Never.

#AtheistCake 62. Secular Morality: If you descern morality from the bible, what if Satan slipped in his evil words too? Which is which?

#AtheistCake 61. We Admit When Prayer Works: Have you never prayed for absolutely nothing to happen? Try it, it seriously works!

#AtheistCake 60. Growing Numbers: A high note for Atheism in 2013. We probably outnumber Christians! There are SURELY many hiding Atheists!

#AtheistCake 59. We Offer Freedom:  Theists, may wisdom guide you to see your god story for the myth that it is. Freedom & friendship await!

#AtheistCake 58. Evolution: Every time I see a human touch greatness with kindness & inspiration, I celebrate our evolution & achievement!

#AtheistCake 57. We Are Rightly Skeptical: “Blorch”- a mystical color, which can only be seen by those who have faith that its real. #god

#AtheistCake 56. I know Love: The greatest beings in my universe are my wife & kids. Hands down. If you know love, a myth could NEVER be #1

#AtheistCake 55. We Love for real reasons: Loving a person is based on direct experiences. Loving a #god is based on imagined experiences.

#AtheistCake 54. We Do What We Say: “The power of Prayer!” The @pontifex needs a Dr, because just praying for good health would be stupid.

#AtheistCake 53. Science Wins: In a few thousand years we have gone from no answers of the universe, to countless. Excuses for god are gone.

#AtheistCake 52. Atheism Isn’t Dangerous: Religion is dangerous. Always has been. & will be, until its gone. Why? >

#AtheistCake 51. We Act Because its Right: A theist behaves decently, at least partially, for an ultimate reward or to avoid punishment.

#AtheistCake 50. Well Read:  Many atheists are atheists because they actually read their holy books & researched, unlike MOST believers.

#AtheistCake 49. We Know When Not To Believe:  An all powerful, loving being, who cannot be shown as a being, as powerful or to give a shit!

#AtheistCake 48. Common Sense: Which is more likely? A real but unproven god magic or yet another rehashed myth about a god?

#AtheistCake 47. We See Truth In Evidence: What you believe is absolutely meaningless in regards to what is true. Seek evidence!

#AtheistCake 46. We’re Not Desire Biased: “Its not a God, just &good, but a devil,under the name of God, that the Bible describes”~T.Paine

#AtheistCake 45. We’re Free to Judge Evil: God started morally enlightening us by imposing sacrifices, plagues & mass murder?

#AtheistCake 44. No Apparent God: The simple idea that people can pick a religion, indicates there is no god demonstrating itself.

#AtheistCake 43. We See Through Nonsense: Belief in god has endless possibilities, which makes it just like the limits of stupidity.

AtheistCake 42. Atheists See All & Know Better: Theists ignore the horrible things just to more easily believe the rest. #Bible #Quran

#AtheistCake 41. Geography Win: Location, a large part of why people were raised into a faith, which doesnt remotely justify beliefs.

#AtheistCake 40. We See Extortion: “Beg me to forgive & not hurt you for being how I made you!”~God …And you buy this?

#AtheistCake 39. We Have Logic & Honesty: Desperate theists rehash refuted arguments, to hopelessly justify their god belief.

#AtheistCake 38. Atheisms Gift is NOW: Its ok to believe in a god, because when you die it will be too late to understand how stupid it was.

#AtheistCake 37. Atheism is Freedom: No philosophy, no religion, has brought so glad a message to the world as this good news of Atheism.

#AtheistCake 36. We Don’t Fear Your God Myths: Dont fear! Be IRATE that you were told to fear the wrath of a myth for no good reason.

#AtheistCake 35. We’re Justified & Confident: Go demonstrate your faith by quiting your job & praying for food & avoiding doctors.

#AtheistCake 34. We’re Not Confused: You imagine an all loving god, but follow one who is intolerant, sexist, homophobic & violent.

#AtheistCake 33. We Use Clearly Sourced Evidence: Visions of faeries dont prove faeries, so god visions dont prove god. Simple.

#AtheistCake 32. No Self Conditioning, Thanks!: “Give yourself to god” means “Confirmation bias can only begin when you submit your will”

#AtheistCake 31. We Know What Words Mean: Children die constantly from starvation and malnutrition. Omnipotent, Omnibenevolent, Perfect?

#AtheistCake 30. Atheists Can Seek Whats Morally Right: Theists too often act via fear, guilt, ignorance or blindly by authority.

#AtheistCake 29. Atheists Avoid Ancient Bias: Women should be cherished for their wisdom, intelligence, & beauty…& never mistreated!

#AtheistCake 28. Theists Follow Our Example: Atheists, gays & nonvirginal wives would be killed if theists didnt ignore god’s word too!

#AtheistCake 27. We Accept & Enjoy Pursuing the Unknown: No magical sky friends can ever inform like a personal relationship with reality.

#AtheistCake 26. God is Imagined: Theists cant admit that gods are only reavealed through people’s imaginations & ignorance.

#AtheistCake 25. We Accept & Retract Positions When Wrong: A theist proven wrong denies it, cites excuses & dodges.

#AtheistCake 24. Atheists Don’t Need To Lie: Theists lie to kids, lie to others & lie to themselves to maintain belief.

#AtheistCake 23. Atheists Encourage Curiosity & Skepticism: Ignorance & persuasion is the maker & keeper of gods & religion.

#AtheistCake 22. Atheists See Kids as Innocent & Free Minded: Christians see children as soiled sinners with too many questions.

#AtheistCake 21. Atheism is justified: Arguments for gods merely attempt to make believers look less foolish and less wrong!

#AtheistCake 20. Atheists Question & Strive For Truth:  Religion is bliss because it promotes ignorance without questioning & never truth.

#AtheistCake 19. Atheists See Plain Truths:  Accepting a lord to avoid torture, is in no way a gesture of love on either side. Its slavery.

#AtheistCake 18. Acceptance: Anywhere that truth, reasoning, tolerance, equality, wisdom & skepticism are not invited, is simply a joke.

#AtheistCake 17. We Challenge Religion: Torturing for not choosing a missing spirit is truly evil. The idea deserves disdain not compliance.

#AtheistCake 16. We Laugh at Religion: I choose reason, logic & common sense as a pathway to truth, because myths don’t punish people. HAHA

#AtheistCake 15. We Doubt Your Supernatural Feelings: The holy spirit shows up during joyful praise, just like heartburn with spicy food!

#AtheistCake 14. We Choose Wisely: Its not “Choose my god or torture”, its “Choose nonsensical, ridiculous & laughable or #Atheism!”

#AtheistCake 13. We Don’t Cherry Pick Favorites From Holy Books:  For reasonable people, ALL parts of such story books are equally absurd.

#AtheistCake 12. We Can Add:  Courage + Intelligence + freethinking = Atheism …. Fear + Ignorance + indoctrination = Theism. Q.E.D.

#AtheistCake 11. We Celebrate Real Things: …Like Christmas, for our family, gifts & kindness. We don’t add mythical monsters to worship.

#AtheistCake 10. I cherish my life: I’m free to realize the minuscule chance that we even exist in this universe.  God beliefs only sully this.

#AtheistCake 9. We Acknowledge The Missing Links: Miracles, visions & prayer claims have no demonstrated source. Aliens? Faeries? Our Brain?

#AtheistCake 8. We Can Imagine: Our Complexity, Intelligence and Life doesn’t equal god because you cant imagine otherwise.

#AtheistCake 7. We Out Moralize Your God:  My 5 y/o son is FAR more moral and better behaved than your god.

#AtheistCake 6. We Respond Appropriately: “Nobody has ever shown that a god MUST have caused anything” > Should result in Atheism not Faith!

#AtheistCake 5. We Respect Children: Any ‘truth’ important enough to mold my kids into believing, would have clear demonstrable evidence.

#AtheistCake 4. We Have & Use Real FACTS:  The Earth is 4.54 billion years old and Homo-sapiens are a species of ape.

#AtheistCake 3. A 4 y/o Debunks God: Me-“God is like a father who hurts you forever if you don’t love him”  Him-“No, Daddies don’t do that!”

#AtheistCake 2. We Scare Away Monsters: If shrouded things are not believed by children, its praise worthy. Only monsters punish skepticism!

#AtheistCake 1. We Are Wise: Why pretend that a life after death or a savior, needs to be found anywhere beyond our own family? #Cherish

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